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I am a Post Greek Civil War Orphan who lived in an orphanage in Patra, Greece for the first six years of my life in the early 1950’s. Growing up in the Patra Orphanage, I developed a strong bond with other orphans. My experience at Patra nurtured a deep love and compassion for the plight of abandoned children. It was the results of that experience that created my desire to help my orphanage brothers and sisters throughout my life; consequently, Greek Orphans Birthright Center (G.O.B.C.) was born decades ago. In 2003, was created for the internet.

Orphanage in Patras, Greece where I stayed for 6 years as a child. Currently, the statues are all that remains.

G.O.B.C. sponsors many humanitarian programs. Our orphan network provides information exchange to Greek adoptees and assists them in locating birth families with the hope of a reunion. Assistance is offered to orphans from the Post Greek Civil War through the present. By visiting our website, you can access valuable educational links to Greek historical, cultural, and religious issues.

G.O.B.C. has successfully aided in many reunions of Greek orphans and their birth families. We have also collaborated with Greece to help develop foster care programs and in the establishment a baby care center. We advocate for orphan rights in the Greek legal system. Our goal is always to improve the living conditions of the abandon while enlightening the community.

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking to teenagers and young adults at Washington State’s Greek Orthodox Church “All Saints Camp” on the subject of Post Greek Civil War Orphans. I was honored to share my life long message of
“I will take the bad and turn it into good.” The youth were amazing receptive to the message and exhibited deep compassion for the plight of orphans. The conference has been made available on DVD.

We are pleased to find a growing awareness of the Post Civil War Greek Orphan profile.

A short list of G.O.B.C.’s recent accomplishments thanks to our editor and all of our volunteers:

January, 9 2007 - Director on MEGA TV in Greece

May, 13 2007 - G.O.B.C. finally convince St. Demetrios of Seattle, WA in Archbishop Metropolitan Gerasimos’ jurisdiction to honor Post Greek Civil War Birth Mothers in special part of church service. First Orthodox Church to do this.

October 2006 - Archbishop Metropolitan Gerasimos (former Archdeacon to the Archdiocese) came to Seattle, WA to meet with the Director and took pictures. Archbishop Metropolitan Gerasimos gave word to show compassion and accepted G.O.B.C.’s proposal to show interest and help us Post Greek Civil War Orphans and their Birth Mothers who we are searching for.

G.O.B.C.’s article “History of Post Greek Civil War Orphans" published in the following publications:

  • “The Hellenic Journal”
    Vol. XXXII, No.3 - March 2006
  • “The Hellenic Voice”
    Vol. VI No.5 - February 1, 2006
  • “The AHEPA Mentor”
    Seattle, WA USA
    Vol. 75, No. 4 July-August 2005
  • “The Orthodox Way”
    St. Demetrios Church Seattle, WA December 2005 Vol. 3, Issue 20
  • “Saint Nicholas Messenger”
    St. Nicholas Church Tacoma, WA Vol. 26, No. 1

If you would be interested in volunteering a little of your time on behalf of Greek orphans, G.O.B.C. is still need of more legal, investigative, and translation services to name a few. There is always a need for volunteers to work directly with children living in orphanages in countries around the world. Many of you have already volunteered your services and I thank you.

“One standing does more than a thousand sitting.”

Two sayings I lived by as a young child and still do:

  • “We never forget where we came from”
  • “I will take the bad and turn it into good”

Thank You to Organizations who help G.O.B.C.

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- ThorLoki LLC ( )
Our website was specially designed for G.O.B.C and donated after hundreds of hours of dedication and hard work to assist our mission; that of reuniting orphans with their birth families. I want to personally thank the professional team at Thanks to their expertise, this site helps Greek orphans around the world.

- Academy Press ( )
I also want to thank Academy Press for fulfilling the print needs at G.O.B.C.

Privacy of information on orphans is first and
foremost and will be protected by G.O.B.C.

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The Right to Find Their Roots & Their Identity
Peloponissos Newspaper
May 2005 (Greece)
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